Littlemunk provides virtual cloud service that is always up and always accessible when you need it. Our cloud structure is built on cutting-edge technologies and designed with redundant infrastructure; with maximum speed and security for your network, and extra cloud-based security as an add-on. 

In addition to convenience and security, cloud hosting can significantly reduce your internet operations costs, via:

  • Performance, security, and reliability all in one secure cloud service
  • HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance
  • Reducing excess spend on unneeded infrastructure, and utilizing resources as you need them
  • Choose and scale your compute, memory, and storage
  • Design a cloud solution specifically for your business.

Littlemunk offers two types of cloud hosting services, including:

Shared virtual hosting is the most common and economical internet presence solution, used by the majority of small to medium sized businesses on the web. If your online footprint does not require high-load capacity, and you simply need to have your website and e-mail available 24/7 for your customers and marketing, then shared hosting will fulfill your requirements (and save you a lot of money).

If your business operationally or legally requires provisioning a dedicated server, or if you simply want the control, convenience and full-usability of a cloud server at your fingertips – then dedicated virtual hosting is the solution.

With a dedicated virtual server, you can choose your operating system – be it a traditional LAMP stack geared for internet services, or a Windows machine serving internet resources or as a cloud mirror for your on-site computers.

If your online business demands necessitate hosting your resources outside of the cloud, on a physical server – please visit our CO-LOCATION SERVICES page. 

We welcome your business and the chance to have you join the Littlemunk family. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have – 

telephone: 650.355.3434

Need to revamp your website? Tired of using Gmail for business? Need secure document storage? Is one angry customer making your life hell and harming reputation and sales? 

Littlemunk can provide and manage all your internet infrastructure, creative, security and consulting requirements.

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